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Two Families

Offering Local Meats Since 2018

About Us 

Our "Two Families" go back to just four friends in college many years ago. Fast forward to marriage, kids, and dreams, our boxed beef business was born in 2018 out of a desire to share the wholesome product we were producing for ourselves off our farms with our family, friends, and neighbors. We are passionate about responsibly raising Beef and Pork with care, integrity, and sustainability. Our beef and pork is locally grown on our farms. We are striving to be good examples for our children and teach them the importance of agriculture and taking care of God's great creation. 


Two Families Beef

Our cattle Graze the native grasses of South Georgia their entire lives. We utilize selective breeding to create cattle that are suitable for our environment and perform well. Our calves are weaned at seven months old and moved to their own pasture where they are put on feed. While they always have access to grass we supplement them with a specially developed ration consisting of corn and other by-products such as distillers grains, soy hulls, corn gluten, cotton seed, citrus pulp and others.  Our product is sustainable and nutritious while tasting exceptionally good. 

Two Families Pork

Our pork is raised with sustainability and animal husbandry at the forefront of our production methods. Our pigs are born on pasture and finished post weaning in a semi controlled environment on a specially developed ration for optimal growth and palatability. Manure is collected and redistributed in specific areas for fertilization purposes. 

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